Surface Preparation

The most important factor to the longevity of any successful coatings system is the surface preparation. Getting
it right first time confirms that successive layers of paint will last their respective life cycle to first maintenence.
Lifting facility is currently 25 tonnes using 2 overhead cranes. One at 15 tonne and one at 10 tonne.

Auto Blasting using an 8 wheel Spencer & Halstead Machine
Standards SA 3, SA2.5 SA2 SA1

Manual Blast Items that cannot be auto blasted are easily accommodated in the manual booth measuring
      20m x 6m x 4m

Standards SA 3, SA2.5 SA 2 SA1 Sweep blast.

The manual booth is also ideal for any non ferrous materials which cannot be prepared using steel shot or
       grit. The shot/grit is easily replaced with garnet or any other non ferrous blast media

Standards SA 3, SA2.5 SA2 SA1

Left: a loaded trailer awaiting collection, showing foam protection we supply as standard to multicoat projects.

Centre: another example of a
finished load.

Right: All loads leave SMT in a safe professionally loaded manner
which is often very difficult with
some of the weird and wonderful sections we have treated in our time.