Intumescent Fire Protection

Off site supply of 'Thin Film Intumescent Coating' is proving to be the preferred method of application. Not only can the coating be easily inspected, the health & safety impact of applying the coating on site is no longer a problem.

Each section of steelwork is given an Intumescent 'loading,' the correct dry film thickness required to maintain a 30, 60, even 120 minute fire protection rating.

Inspection of this type of work is critical, each item has its own set of inspection details for full traceability.

Completed sections are loaded onto foam wrapped timbers to protect the thin film coating during transit. Once at site the steel is erected easily without the mess and downtime site coating produces. Our team of site painters repair any damage and coat any fixings to maintain the integrity of the fire protection throughout. Other trades aren't affected and the site can progress much faster.

intumescent fire protectoion